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Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

3.15 Acres
1.8 mil sqft 
45 Storeys
Est Q1, 2024

Situated in the Central Park Damansara, D’Erica takes the roles of the gateway of the 65 acres mixed development. It marks a new order of the development; with simplicity intertwining with intriguing programs; expressed on various datum lines on different dimensions. 


The forces of the one-directional looping movement, in parallel with the gradient boulevard, shapes the cut out of the façade, interestingly appear to be a sectional elevation in three dimensions. Astoundingly, it opens a wide-angle visual that curiously revealed like in one dimension.

The towers appear to float from the horizontal entities, giving an impression of weightlessness. Whilst the facade is in its elementary forms, it portrays functionality and simplicity of home living.

The residence lobbies take the approach of a grand hotel porte cochere feel, providing uniquely exclusive space. The retail space flowing along the cascading landscape is a visual enjoyment to drive through, complimented by the rising boulevard with rain trees. It calms you down as you drive home from a productive day.