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Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

1.75 Acres
46242 sqft
2 Storeys
Under Construction
Est May 2023

Located at the West coast of Malaysia, Ecofarm at Port Dickson is on the South of Kuala Lumpur, with a driving distance of approximately 1 hour from the city centre. With a total land area of 1.75 acres, Ecofarm PD is designed as one of the new commercial spot at Mukim Si Rusa, comprises of a double storey restaurant, a pond with dining pavilions and a souvenir shop.

This project is named as “Ecofarm” because the site is surrounded by orchards and farms. Buildings are designed with brick walls, concrete floorings, thatch roofs as well as mild steels for roof structures and railings. The combination of colors of building materials are intended to present a sense of rawness, simple and countryside-look of architectural expression.

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