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gamuda wellness


Site area
Building height  

3 Acres
40,000 sqft
2 Storeys
Schematic Design 

Gamuda COVE is envisioned as a well-integrated township with the identity of its ‘Place’; embracing its surrounding environment as part of the development. By using wetland as the genius loci, the wetlands identity was brought in through the waterways and lakes as the heart of its parks, as well as the plentiful trees weaved throughout the township as a reflection of the forest reserve.

The design approach is to align with Gamuda’s vision of building a Wellness Holistic lifestyle and Sustainable Communities where, wetland to the South is interpreted through the introduction of scattered waterways and lakes. Besides, forest reserve to the North is mimic by a unifying tree foliage canopies protecting the wellness activities below utilizing the best of our Malaysian tropical weather.

Wellness of user at the outdoor spaces in relation to temperature and moisture are controlled by the shaded unifying canopies. The air is cooled down by natural ventilation via the natural phenomena of evaporation of the waterways and lakes. At the same time, an instantly recognizable icon is created through the tree canopies with a top view deck on top of the smaller building elements below. It will be visually appealing when users are approaching the building from afar.

Sustainability is achieved by maximizing shaded outdoor and indoor spaces and hence cost efficiency of mechanical cooling. Controlled shading allows for natural light to be filtered through and diffused to the smaller building elements below. Environmental impact is further reduced by applying material with low energy impact. Experience and motion of users are designed through a carefully curated layout simulating the experience one would encounter in the forest. Placement of buildings and rammed-earth walls frame intended views and allow for exploration of material tactility. 

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