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Site area
Building height  

1.589 Acres
416,656 sqft
45 Storeys
Schematic Design


This 45-Storey, 565 units tower located on a 1.589 acres site is situated along Jalan Nipah and behind Gleneagles KL. The core tower design is presented as an interlocking weave pattern in vertical fashion which was created by the variety in the arrangement of the unit blocks. Vertical fins that line the balcony of each unit further enhances the sense of verticality of the weaving pattern, which are then even further emphasized with large fins that run along the vertical stretch of the tower arranged in an orderly manner. This sense of verticality provides a perception that the tower appears to be taller than its actual height, which in turn creates a sense of regality.


To contrast the abundant verticality as to not look too frail or thin, large horizontal sky gardens intercept the imposing vertical façade at select levels, providing a communal space as well as vegetation and ventilation. A further contrast to finish off the tower design is created with a large horizontal roof slab that conveys the notion of a heavy paperweight that grounds the overall design. The stark contrast between the equally striking vertical & horizontal elements create an eye-catching landmark.


The tower itself is aligned along Jalan Nipah to allow passers-by to notice and admire the visuals of the tower design. This tower placement also creates seclusion and privacy for its residents to enjoy the provide facilities, some of which include a physiotherapy centre, a gym/fitness centre, reading room, games room, surau, multipurpose hall and swimming pool. The selection of facilities allows the residents to enjoy a meditative relaxing atmosphere that also pertains to their needs and entertainment.

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