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gamuda cove


Site area
Building height  

2.54 Acres
25,845 sqft
12 Storeys
Schematic Design 


A development within the prestigious Gamuda Cove township, Lifestyle Gamuda Cove is highly connected to the Klang Valley and KLIA via the ELITE expressway. Within the township, the development would be sharing its boundary with the lake, giving the site prominence as it would have an integrated waterfront adjacent to the site, presenting the opportunity for this site to be designed as a lakefront development.


In alignment with Gamuda Cove’s vision, the water feature and landscape are fluidly incorporated into the proposal, allowing a sense of harmony and tranquillity between the natural and built environment. Apartment units were designed to allow for optimum lake sighting from the living area and bedrooms where residents can reach for the lakeview by their windows’ bay. By aligning the facilities pool by the lakeside to create a juxtaposition between the water bodies, the residents are given the perception of being closer to the lake right outside their apartments.


These unique features create a visual fluidity between apartment units, amenities, and lake. Through landscape design, natural foliage act as barriers providing a sense of security and privacy as trees act as a natural filter between the public and private space. Additionally, trees function as sunshades to provide a pleasant microclimate.

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