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Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

1.03 Acres
71,891 sqft
2-6 Storeys
Design Development 
Est. 2026

The fundamental of 9E design aims to outline our design vision to complement the retail components right above 9B/9C’s basement carpark. The retail layout is designed to be optimized for efficiency and functionality, with clear circulation paths and well-defined spaces for various activities.  9E emphasis is placed on creating a clear path for customers to follow as they move through the store, allowing for an efficient and effective shopping experience.


This retail design will emphasize the use of greens and natural materials, creating a connection to the surrounding environment. The use of greens and landscape in linear retail architecture can enhance the overall aesthetic and create a more inviting and relaxed atmosphere. This may include the use of indoor plants, outdoor landscaping features such as water features, greenery, or seating areas. The integration of greens and landscape can also have practical benefits, such as creating a sense of natural beauty within the retail space.


The idea of the urban square is also plays an important role in shaping the public spaces of the retails and in creating a sense of community and place as well as enhancing the Plot 9 main entrance’s atmosphere from Road 1A.

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