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precinct 11


Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

2 Acres
83,655 sqft
3 Storeys
Schematic Design 

Situated right beside the development of 5.33 Acres Rumah Prihatin, proposal of 2 Acres Retail will be targeted as the neighbouring shop lots, offering job opportunities to residence for Rumah Prihatin and nevertheless, extension of the bustling commercial activities. The overall concept of having center courtyard rather than the conventional shoplot profile is to redefine the idea of shops by offering the extensive frontage idea, the dual shopfront. The centre courtyard allows circulation to be drawn into the center and occupants will then entering each shops from the internal. This will be a plus point as the other side of the frontage are still very visible from the street view. Further to that, the concept of center courtyard also allow natural lights and air to be brought into the development which will then activate public space for event purposes and social activity within the shops. By maximising the ground car park around the parameter, this able to create high numbers of carpark within the small plot and encouraging community activities such food festival with plenty of food trucks surrounding the building.

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