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pudu pasar


Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

1.02 Acres
17,485 sqft
1-2 Storeys
Schematic Design

There are numerous structural issues with the current Pasar Pudu wet market, which is very run down and not user friendly. Along with having little natural light, the market's interior is also plagued by bad drainage, uneven levels, and unclear entrances. Furthermore, the existing market is to be relocate for an Apartment project.

Approached by the local authority to produce a proposal for a new wet market of modern design incorporated with green elements. The aim of the proposal is to create a contemporary and diverse market, while preserving the character of the market with its hustle and bustle and chaotic nature. Added to what it already exists would attract anyone who happen to be in the vicinity of the market.

The main architectural façade of the market is made up of series of frame with polycarbonate screen. The underlying architectural idea for the new market is to draw attention to this powerful element. The framed screen is made of polycarbonate that allow sufficient light into the market, while shade it from the scorching sun which will heat up the internal temperature of the market. The high ceiling and roofs with both opening at the side of the market allow cross ventilation to take place during operation which resemble the Rumah Kampung’s vernacular architecture.

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