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riverstone warehouse

Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

1.667 Acres

59,080 sqft

2 Storeys

Under Construction

Est. March 2023

Commissioned during the pre-Covid period, this industrial warehouse caters the need of a typical storage facility for Riverstone Resources's glove-manufacture. The ideal location of this site allows easy accessibility to storage and thus, efficient logistic purposes for its existing neighbour factory.


The 2-storey corner statement building leans to a simple yet modern utilitarian design for optimized stocking and organized distribution. With the tall and ample storage spaces on both its ground and first floors, it better facilitates movements and handling of products in bulk. A mezzanine floor is erected that specifically stations the administrative office in proximity to the loading area, hoist lift and storage areas, allowing coherent supervision of operations for said floors. As for the exterior, the facade presents an uniformity in fenestration which provides sufficient lighting and ventilation for the interior volume, while the bold colour palette reflects the practicality of the company brand.


The project is scheduled for completion in March 2023. Construction is nearing completion phase of now.


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