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taman midah depot


Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

58.929 Acres




Taman Midah Depot which is a prime depot and included in Package CMC301-Parcel A which consists of approximately 6km in length and 4 elevated station; Pandan Indah station (S20), Taman Kenchana station(S21), Taman Cheras station(S22), Taman Midah station(S23).

Taman Midah Depot is geographically situated within the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and at the edge of the boundary with Selangor stated. Taman Midah Depot is divided by Jalan Semerah padi which separate the BSS and SSU from the general Depot.

Building components in depot boundary consists of:

a) Admin building

b) BBC training centre

c) Sport centre/ Assembly Hall

d) Taska

e) Infrastructure Workshop

f) Maintenance Workshop

g) Stabling yard

Together with supporting facilities as ancillary building in the compound