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tropical villa


Site area
Building height  
Completion date  

2.856 Acres
615,000 sqft
5 Storeys
December 2017

With the rising elderly population in the area, the development’s concept was to offer homes that can accommodate three-generational families and promote family values and bonding.


At the core of the development is the central courtyard fitted with leisure facilities, designed to generate a sense of community, not just within the family but also among neighbours. The courtyard podium, which sits atop a one-level car park, is inspired by the traditional Chinese courtyard house—where activities are carried out in the open, bringing vibrancy at the heart of the neighbourhood, while maintaining the privacy within the building’s compounds. The 16 four-storey residential blocks are arranged around the podium with the central garden as the focal point. Residents can enjoy a visual connection with the space below or retreat into their private sanctuary.


The architecture features monolithic, bold frames wrapping each block, providing covering over the rooftop garden and sun-shading for the residences. The slanting mono-pitched profile accentuates the integration of the tropical climate design of tropical architecture.


The villa blocks are designed with fenestration gaps for cross ventilation. The private gardens of the lower villas are seamlessly connected to the outdoor living spaces, encouraging interaction among the community.

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