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vierra residence


Site area
Building height

Completion date  

5.33 Acres

1,013,790.28 sqft

Tower A – 38 Storeys / Tower B – 39 Storeys

Under Construction


A comfortable home to live, play and fall back to, is statistically ranked as one of the top wish lists of working adults whilst in their continuous pursuits of ideals, dreams and ambitions.

Designed exclusively for today's urban lifestyle, this development envisions a harmonious and friendly relationship among buildings, landscape and lifestyle. Therefore, this project has created many pockets of spaces to serve the said function and with the intention to create a convenient and readily available space for residents to advance towards a healthier lifestyle and also to promote a constant visual enjoyment of greeneries from homes.

This development also intends to create a building that lasts a lifetime despite the changing society. With this in mind, the architecture utilizes a contemporary approach to modernize the typology of the façade aesthetics, at the same time, optimizes the arrangement of spaces within the units to achieve optimum efficiency.

As a whole, the development inspires to create a sustainable home for all and has reflected in its planning, design and architecture.


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